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Auger Drive & Auger

Landscape Construction, Foundation Pile Driving, Afforestation, Utility Work. Dredging, Excavation

Drum Cutter

Tunneling, Utility Work, Roadworks, Mining, Excavation, Structure Shaping

Crusher Bucket

Jobsite, Quarries, Roadworks, Sand Production, Demolition, Construction Waste Material Recycling

Rock Saw

Demolition, Tunneling, Stone Production, Roadworks, Quarries, Trenching, Metal Cutting

Screening Bucket

Construction Waste Material Recycling, Compost and Earthwork, Contaminated Soil Treatment, Fine sifting, Coal Processing

Soil Stabilization System

Solidification of Soft Soil, Remediation of Contaminated Soil.

Yichen Environment Tech Co., Ltd.

Yichen’s predecessor is Ent Heavy Industry, founded in 2002. In 2009, the company successfully passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification and FMRC certification of US, and the trademark “ANT” was registered successfully in the same year. In 2011, the company has developed a series of products centering on drum cutter, rock saw, crusher bucket, earth drill and screening bucket. After years of technical accumulation, Ant completed the research and development of soil stabilization technology in 2015, which is the leading technology in the world. In May of the same year, the system was first used in the construction of the Taihu Tunnel project in China. As of 2021, the system has completed 15 million cubic meters of in sludge solidification operations in multiple projects. The company officially changed its name to Yichen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in 2021.